AVER offers a broad range of expertise in the areas of geotechnical, geo-environmental, and construction materials testing, inspection and monitoring. AVER strives to solve complex technical problems of significance for Federal, State, Local, Commercial and International clients in a variety of market areas.

Soil and Rock Mechanics

Offshore Platforms, Piers, Wave Screens


Foundation Engineering

Multistoried Structures

Ground Modifications

Construction Monitoring

Site Investigations

Pre and Post Construction Survey of Structures

Water Retention Structures, Canals, and Dikes

Slope Stability

Vibration Monitoring

Pressure Wave Monitoring

Test Bores, Soil Classification

Geotechnical Laboratory Tests

Remote structure monitoring

Settlement Plates,inclinometer & Piezometer

Vibration Monitoring

Pre & Post Construction Surveys

Tilt meter,Liquid Levels,Crack-meters

Embedded Instrumentation